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Installer Benefits

Equipment Quality

Ø  Top  Grade Plastics

Ø  Resin sealed electronics – more resilient = less equipment failure 

 Equipment that is Easy to Use

Ø  Programming menus are similar for all control panels

Ø  A wide range of both wired and wired free detectors & Life Safety Devices

Ø  Keypad Audio - voice notification of each zone, system messages etc.

Ø  Plug and Play connectivity to HKC’s App and Cloud solution

Ø  Upload / Download software

 2 Way Radio

Ø  No Sleep Time

Ø  Easy Walk Test

Ø  Battery Life - up to 3 Years

Ø  Professional RF Test Wand

Ø  All RF Devices managed remotely by the panel

Life Protection Devices

Ø  Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Detectors (voice annunciation)

Ø  All detectors have on-board sirens

Ø  One activates all – Detectors are linked together via RF

 HKC Training & Technical Support

Ø  Access to HKC Technical Support

Ø  Free Training