RF- EXP - RF Expander


The RF-Expander can be used to transfer signals from RF end devices (e.g. RF-PIR, RF-SABB etc.) to the control panel. It can be used in situations where the signal strength is below the required level.

It can be connected to the control panel via the Keypad (RKP) bus or connected to the panel wirelessly.

When working wirelessly, it does not degrade the end-device battery life.

3 units can be operated in wireless mode per system plus an additional 12 wired to the bus.

All RF end device types catered for.



  • Input Power: 13.7Vdc
  • Current Consumption: 65mA nom. 150mA peak
  • Temperature: -10 to +40°C
  • Weight: 415g
  • Size: 236mm x 166mm x 42mm
  • BS8243 and PD6662 Compliant
  • EN 50131-1 Grade 2
  • Environmental Class II