Dionne Samuels

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Platform Engineer YDWS

"What sets ASSA ABLOY apart from the rest is growth and that’s key. ASSA ABLOY are able to keep up with the way technology is constantly evolving and even be one step ahead of it, it’s actually really impressive. There’s a constant urgency of change here, a constant need to do things better".

“After Applying for the Platform engineer vacancy I felt that I could contribute to the ASSA ABLOY group as the role requirements met my skills very closely and because of that I was interested in what more they had to offer.

As a platform engineer I have been given a range of projects that require completion as part of another project or as part of a company target. I’m currently responsible for managing 5s within the YDWS department and delegating the 5s actions between my team. I’m also carrying out a range of automation projects, where the goal is to allow processing to become easier for operators by having a form of automation working alongside them. I then have some smaller projects and tasks on the side which can incorporate design and optimisation which all work alongside together.

ASSA ABLOY is a great place to work,  since I’ve been here I’ve been able to create really good working relationships with my colleagues, my team and even suppliers. The work that I do is solely my responsibility to complete and the idea of independence helps, because it has allowed me to grow and open the doors for many more opportunities. ASSA ABLOY is definitely a place of opportunity and I really like that”.