Designed by engineers for engineers. HKC equipment is easy to program and uses a consistent menu structure through all the panel ranges. The HKC App and SecureComm cloud solution revolutionises the landscape for professional installers by delivering a recurring revenue solution and remote access to all sites. HKC Installers will have access to free training and both field and telephone technical support is available.

Professional installers who use HKC equipment find many benefits to help them with their clients’ security needs.

  • HKC equipment is designed for engineers by engineers.
  • It is easy to install and program. 
  • Programming is consistent across our range of alarm panels.
  • An extensive range of wired and wireless alarm detectors are available to ensure installers can protect properties using perimeter, trap or combined detection.
  • Our electronic boards are resin sealed to make them more resilient which improves the performance and longevity of the device.
  • A superb range of wireless Life Protection devices are on hand to offer protection from Smoke, Heat, and Carbon Monoxide. These devices have their own on-board standalone siren and when one device activates all life protection devices activate.

Intruder Alarms for Residential and Commercial Properties  

HKC’s control panels are designed with all users in mind.  The HKC App makes security easy for alarm owners and the Engineer App and SecureComm Cloud make life easier for the Smart Installer.  HKC panels have: 

  • An extensive voice library ensures accurate commands to the end user ensuring less false alarms and user error. 
  • 70 Wireless Zones out of the box
  • An aesthetically pleasing design
  • A selection of Plug-on IP communications module 
  • Connectivity wih the HKC APP & SecureComm Cloud 
  • Compliance to EN Grade 2 / BS 8243 / PD 6662

2 Way Radio

  • No Sleep Time
  • Easy Walk Test
  • Battery Life = Up to 3 Years
  • Professional RF Test Wand
  • RF PIR Quad with Pet Tolerant Lens
  • RF PIR Camera compatible with HKC App and SecureComm
  • All RF Devices managed remotely by the panel

Life Protection Devices

  • Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Detectors (voice annunciation)
  • All detectors have on-board sirens
  • One activates all – Detectors are linked together via RF