RF-Optex - RF Module for Optex External PIR


The RF-Optex module provides power to an outdoor PIR. The wiring harnesses to handle the Alarm/Tamper signals from the PIR are integrated in the PIR hardware and they plug onto the RF-Optex module.


The RF-Optex module then relays the Alarm/Tamper signals wirelessly to the HKC SW-10270 Control Panel using SecureWave technology.


  • Suitable for Optex PIRs:
    • VXS-RDAM-X8
    • VXS-RAM
    • WXI-R
    • BXS-RAM(W)
    • FTN-RAM
  • Compatible with SW-10270 Panel
  • Long battery life, typically 3 years
  • 3Vdc nominal / 1,400mAh - DL123A
  • Current: 11μA (standby) 60mA (peak)
  • RF range >400m (line of sight)
  • Temperature: -20 to +60°C
  • Weight: 40g (inc. battery & Velcro)
  • Size: 37mm x 78mm x 14mm
  • EN 50131-5-3, Grade 2, Class II