3 Reasons Why Installers love our equipment

When it comes to security systems, you need reassurance that the devices you’re supplying are reliable, easy to install and maintain. At HKC, we’re constantly looking for new ways to help today’s installer and enhance our products. Making your job easier is a key driver of everything we do, from product development to customer service. As a result, our security devices gain exceptional reviews from our approved installers who use them day in day out. Here are three key points that we hear a lot from our happy customers.


1.      Our Wireless Devices Have Exceptional Range

Our RF wireless security devices have incredible range which means that they’re not limited to small sites and residential properties. Due to their range ability, you can benefit from the simplicity of our wireless system in commercial properties too. And, if you’re working on a particularly large site, our ‘Stand Alone’ RF Expanders can be used to boost the range of our wireless devices. This clever device allows you to extend the reach of our wireless systems and safeguard against connectivity issues. 

When asked about HKC, Dean Kemp from Solar CCTV Solutions said “What impressed me was the range of the wireless, the site is well over 200m plus in length and the control panel is at the front of the site. We installed a Wireless Expander halfway and all detection connected and worked first time.”

The exceptional range created by our Expanders means you won’t have to spend time wiring a security system through a large building. We offer one of the most reliable and easily designed RF systems in the RoI & UK markets. While competitors can expand their wireless range, using our system, you can expand the range and manipulate the wireless paths to suit the specific property.

2.      Easy To Install

We’ve invested heavily in our in-house R&D over the years to ensure our security devices are easy to set up. Our products are designed with simplicity in mind, meaning you won’t spend hours setting up a complicated system. All of our security equipment is rigorously tested long before it is launched into the marketplace to guarantee a hassle-free installation.

HKC installers speak highly about the fast installation times associated with our security devices. Our products will help when you switch to HKC from another security brand because there isn’t a steep learning curve, and you’ll benefit from our training courses and ongoing support from our Sales team.

3.      The BEST App On The Market For Installers?

We wanted to provide the best service possible to both the end-users and installers of our security devices. For this reason, we created unique apps for both groups to help them use our products.  Our Engineer App is designed to make life easy for the professional installer.   

The sophisticated app is easy to use and empowers the modern security installer with some great features. For example, you can use the app to conduct diagnostics and maintenance tasks remotely, meaning you won’t constantly be driving to and from customers’ properties. You can also manage customer sites using the app and even upgrade security systems remotely. Think of the time you’ll save through the use of this app!

Check Out Our Customer Testimonials

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