New wireless RF-Touch Intruder Keypad With Prox

At HKC, we work hard to bring you and your customers the best security devices on the market. Over the past year, we’ve kept ourselves busy launching lots of great products and we’re continuing as we mean to go on as we emerge from lockdown. Our team have been busy behind the scenes, building on the success of our recent launches to bring you new security devices. You’ll be pleased to know that we have an upcoming product launch that your customers will love.

Our best wireless intruder keypad yet

We know wireless security devices are in high demand, so we’ve recently invested in enhancing our range of RF products. This time, we created a wireless Touch RF Keypad with built in proximity reader for prox tag arming and disarming. This means that the best Intruder Keypad we’ve produced so far will be available in wired and wireless versions, providing you and your customers with more choice.

Exceptional features

As the name suggests, the upcoming RF-Touch Intruder Keypad features an incredible capacitive touch screen and easy to read graphical display. The capacitive touch screen “wakes up” when it senses a hand coming towards the keypad. It can also sense where on the keypad the user presses the display, providing great touch accuracy. The touch screen is highly sensitive, meaning your customers will only have to press it lightly to use it.

Just like all our other wireless devices, the new RF keypad has an incredible battery life and extensive wireless range, meaning this product isn’t limited to residential properties. The upcoming RF Keypad will join our successful RF range, providing smooth usability with both the SW 10270 and Quantum 70.

Easy installation and low maintenance

At HKC, our main aims are to create top-level professional security devices that are easy to install and maintain, whilst also providing a great user experience for your customers. Our new RF-Touch Keypad is an installer’s dream because it can be installed & easily set up and requires little maintenance, meaning you will receive fewer callbacks from customers. It doesn’t need any cables, meaning you can set it up anywhere in your customers’ properties. To sweeten our offering, you’ll be able to use our Engineers App to complete maintenance and diagnostics remotely, further reducing site visits.

Modern aesthetics

Designed to blend seamlessly into modern interiors, our new RF-Touch Intruder Keypad has a contemporary profile and slimline feel. It’s available in white and black and offers a range of sleek coloured trims for your customers to pick from. The modern keypad can be customised with a grey, chrome, white, or black trim (Trims are available in packs of 5).

Coming soon

If you’re on the lookout for a high-end wireless intruder keypad, we’ve got you covered. We’re very excited to be nearing the launch date of our new RF-Touch Intruder Keypad, so we’ll keep you in the loop with updates on when it’ll be available for order. If you can’t wait, the wired version is already on the market, protecting homes and commercial properties nationwide.

If you’d like to learn more about our new RF-Touch Intruder Keypad, please contact us.