HKC emerging from lockdown…

While some businesses were unfortunately impacted during lockdown, we were able to keep working. As a result, our Team have brought some exciting new products to market over the past year. We’re thrilled to say the response from those who have used these new products has been extremely positive. This article offers you a speedy update on our work during the pandemic.

Our new RF Miniature Contact

In June of last year, we launched our first product in Lockdown.  Our new RF Miniature Wireless Magnetic Contact is designed to work alongside legacy and existing HKC detectors.  This discreet security device is ideal for domestic settings and won’t spoil the interior design of a property.

This device has a range of benefits:

  • Excellent range
  • Over 4 years battery life
  • Aesthetically pleasing low-profile design
  • Available in three colours White, Brown, and Grey

Launched our Proximity Touch Intruder Keypad

We have listened to our installers feedback and wanted to offer enhanced value to your customers with an upgraded standard keypad.  For this reason, we launched the new Touch Keypad, which is now available as standard with all HKC SW 10270 panels. The keypad’s slim, elegant & contemporary profile is designed to complement modern interiors, while its new features make it a must-have for your customers.

To guarantee a user-friendly experience, the Touch Intruder Keypad features an easy to read graphical display and capacitive touch screen. Due to the capacitive touch technology, if you move your hand close to the keypad it “wakes up” and lets you see the display.  The new Touch Keypad is also Prox enabled, meaning you can present a Prox tag to set or unset the system without needing a code.  There is also a facility to insert the installer’s logo & details in a backlit area of the keypad.

A range of customisable trims are also available to change the Keypad “look”.  The trims are available in packs of 5 (white,black, brushed steel, and chrome) and facilitate matching to different colour schemes.

Upgraded our Quantum Kits

Our new upgraded Quantum Pack comes with a range of features and additional devices. The Pack now includes our Q70 with on-board WiFi, integrated siren & keypad, and external siren base. The Pack contents have also been increased and is competitively priced and easy to install and maintain.

New GSM-WifiU Universal Communicator

Our new GSM-WiFiU Universal Communicator is perfect for use with non-HKC equipment and legacy HKC systems. This incredible device offers fast and secure dual-path IP connectivity via SecureComm, our market-leading cloud-based solution. The GSM-WiFiU Universal Communicator uses both GPRS and WiFi to deliver signalling up to Dual-Path Grade 3 (SP3/DP2).

  • 8 wired channel inputs & 2 outputs
  • Works off 12v or 24v so is a perfect solution for fire alarm ARC monitoring
  • Comprehensive IP reporting
  • Compatible with SL700 for programming and diagnostics
  • Comes in Polycarbonate housing
  • IP Signalling to ARCs via XSIA protocol

Enhanced our Access Control range

We weren’t lying when we said we were busy over the past 12 months, and another area we invested in was our Access Control range. We launched the sleek, wireless Access Control Keypads (RF AK7P and RF AK7WP) which are designed to protect and control access to properties of all sizes. The keypads, are prox enabled, and locally powered if required can be integrated with our SW-10270 panel using our SecureWave wireless technology, and can also work in standalone mode with our wireless relay box (RF-RBX), providing flexibility of use. All devices are supported by SmartLink 700, our Engineer Remote Software.

Features include:

  • Easy to programme
  • Weather-proof
  •  Estimated battery life: 3 years
  • Range: Line of sight >400m

While upgrading our Access Control range, we also produced a locally powered wireless access keypad (RF-AK7 12/24V) which has terminals for Wired Power if needed.

Released our RF Relay Box

Our new RF Relay Box has been incredibly well-received by installers who have used it since its launch. The clever device is designed for multiple uses that require wireless outputs such as remote arming/disarming , control CCTV sites, access control, and gate controller equipment. The RF Relay Box facilitates connection to third-party devices including gates, lights, heating, and many more options.


  • Easy to install
  • Can operate via the SW 10270 panel or in standalone mode with our RF Access Keypad   
  • Has 2 X 5AMP (Rated 5A/50VAC) onboard relays that wirelessly communicate
  • Can be controlled via the HKC SecureComm App
  • IP Rated waterproof housing

What’s next for HKC?

After launching all those new security devices, you’d think we’d be cooling off by now. Think again, because we’re launching  two new products very soon.

New range of Miniature Shock Sensors with Contact

To provide your customers with a higher level of protection, we’ll soon be launching our new RF Miniature Shock Sensors with Contact. This enhanced version of our Wireless Miniature Contact comes with all of the features on the current one, plus the ability to detect window/door tampering and attempted break-ins. Due to the built-in Shock Sensor, the device will alert the end-user if it detects somebody trying to pry open a door or window. The device is available in White, Brown, and Grey.

New RF Proximity Touch Keypad

Seeing as our recently launched Proximity Touch Keypad received such a positive reception from installers and end-users, we had to bring you a wireless version. This new RF Proximity Touch Keypad will have all of the same features, benefits, and colour options as the existing one, with the added benefit of being wireless. Similar to our other wireless devices, this keypad has an exceptional battery life and great range. The upcoming RF Keypad will join the HKC family and provide smooth usability with both the SW 10270 and Quantum 70.  As with the wired version, the keypad has optional trims which are available in packs of 5 (white, black, chome, and brused steel) as well as a backlit area for the installer details and logo.

We’ll be officially announcing these upcoming product launches soon so keep an eye out. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about any of our security devices, please contact us.