How remote servicing has helped during lockdown

Smartlink 700 Software

At HKC, we developed our SmartLink 700 software to empower installers with an easy to use system that offers a range of helpful functionalities to simplify their job. Powered by HKC SecureComm’s Cloud, SmartLink 700 allows installers to control key aspects of their business from their workplace, an essential feature during the global pandemic.

Remote Servicing

In today’s operating environment, the ability to service security systems and diagnose issues remotely is highly valuable to installers. Our SmartLink 700 software has an installer tool that allows installers to carry out remote maintenance and diagnostics from the safety of their workplace reducing the risk of infection while saving time traveling to sites. The ability to service HKC security systems remotely makes the process much safer as it limits interaction between the installer and customer. Another benefit of remote servicing is that it reduces the installer’s carbon footprint because they don’t have to travel to customers’ properties as frequently, thereby reducing fuel emissions.

Engineer App

Our sophisticated software was historically limited to use on a laptop or PC until we launched our app. Designed for Android and Apple devices, the Engineer SmartLink 700 app ensures a laptop is no longer required while offering all the same features to registered installers as the PC software. Existing customers on the SmartLink 700 system can easily be transferred onto the app, ensuring a smooth transition. The app provides installers with full upload and download capabilities, in addition to firmware upgrades.

Installers can use SL 700 & the Engineer app to:

  • Upgrade security systems remotely
  • Conduct remote routine maintenance*
  • Diagnose issues
  • Add/remove devices
  • Manage customer sites
  • Programme security panels

*requires PC/Windows

How HKC Helps Installers

Market leaders in Ireland, we are a well-established and growing trusted brand in the UK due to our installer-friendly security systems and devices. Our SmartLink 700 software enables registered installers to carry out many tasks from the comfort and safety of their own workplace, including remote servicing.

Key benefits that our SmartLink 700 software offers to installers:

  • Reduces the number of customer visits required
  • Reduces physical social interaction during restrictions
  • Helps them to provide a safer and improved service to customers
  • Saves time traveling from site to site

Not only does our intelligent app help to reduce costs associated with traveling to customers, but it also reduces the number of customer visits that aren’t chargeable, increasing profitability. Due to its convenience, we anticipate that remote servicing will become widely used by installers, even after lockdowns, as the security industry continues to digitally transform and adopt cloud-based technology.