Secure Your Customers' Homes Through Winter

The festive season is a magical time of year, but there is a darker side. UK crime statistics consistently show that burglary rates peak in December, as thieves are tempted by the easy pickings under the Christmas tree. In this article, we discuss the best security devices to secure your customers’ homes through winter, and beyond.

Security Devices and Apps

Every year, over November, December, and January, residential burglaries spike due to the abundance of newly purchased Christmas presents, and the extra cover of darkness. During the festive period, burglaries increase by around 20% in the UK overall, and 26% in London ,with more insurance claims being made during December than any other month. All this highlights the need for advanced home security, and increased vigilance.

Your Customers Need a Pre-Warning

To keep your customers' homes safe through the winter, we recommend installing perimeter devices such as our RF-MCS Wireless Magnetic Contact with Shock Sensor. This innovative security device, which will alert the user to an attempted break-in, has been incredibly well received since its release and can provide complete peace of mind to homeowners.

The market-leading, shock-sensing technology not only detects forced entry, but also attempted entry, and window or door tampering. The Magnetic Contact with Shock Sensor has a Pulse Count which detects when a burglar is trying to force a window, or door, open. If an attempted break-in is detected, the alarm will sound to alert the homeowner, and deter the burglar. Another great advantage of this type of protection is that it enables your customers to move around inside their properties while the system is armed and protecting them.

As an installer, you’ll find the RF-MCS Wireless Magnetic Contact with Shock Sensor very easy to install. It can be mounted vertically, or horizontally, to an entry point, such as a window or door, without having to alter any mechanical elements. This simplified installation means you can be in and out of a customers’ property quickly, leaving them with a higher level of security.

Let Customers Check On Their Homes

People are often away from home during the festive season, meeting up with family and friends, providing burglars with a window of opportunity. Our Alarm User App provides your customers with the ideal way to stay connected with their homes while they’re away, delivering alarm alerts, and messages, through audible and text notifications, whenever the security system detects something.

If you install our RF PIR cameras, customers will also receive verification images, directly to their phones, through the app. The combination of the camera and the app allows your customers to quickly check on their properties while they’re out, and feel confident that they are secure.

Install HKC Security Devices

When it comes to your customers’ safety, you cannot afford to compromise. At HKC, we can advise you on the best security devices, to provide the highest level of security for their properties. Our security products are long-lasting, and extremely reliable, ensuring you won’t receive calls from unhappy customers. Guarantee your customers a crime-free Christmas, and a safe New Year, by installing our security systems. 

Switch to HKC today and enjoy quicker installation times and fewer maintenance requirements