The Solution to RF Range Issues

In today’s market, we know that a lot of your customers are looking for wireless alarm systems. Due to the benefits they provide, it’s no surprise wireless systems are so popular, especially with homeowners. They’re highly customisable and are ideal for sites requiring greater aesthetics without the need to run cable and drill holes into the walls. So, what’s the catch? In short, range. The wireless range can cause a huge headache for professional installers working on larger homes and commercial properties.

The Challenge of Range

During the installation of a wireless security system, the main problem lies in ensuring the range of the wireless devices installed covers the entire property. Due to the limitation of range, wireless security systems can be less popular with commercial installers, but new technology is transforming their use.

Wireless security devices use lower frequencies because they are better at penetrating building materials than the standard frequency used for WiFi. However, the range can still be reduced depending on the number of walls, doors and obstructions the radio signals must pass through. Therefore, the range of the wireless network may limit the size of the property that the security system can protect. For this reason, many professional security installers that specialise in commercial sites still use wired alarm systems.

The Solution is Simple

At HKC, we specialise in tackling various challenges that security installers face and offer simplified solutions. That’s why our RF wireless security devices have exceptional range, straight out of the box. But if you need an extra boost in range, look no further than our RF Expander. To enable you to install our wireless alarm systems in large properties, we developed the RF Expander which functions by extending the reach of the wireless radio signals that our RF devices use to communicate. The RF Expander enhances the signal strength and transfers the radio signal from our RF security devices to the control panel.

When we design and test a new security device, we always ensure it’s easy to install to make your job easier. For this reason, the RF Expander is very simple to set up. Offering flexibility, you can quickly connect it to the control panel via wires or wirelessly. Our RF Expander works in complete harmony with the rest of the security system and ensures that the wireless range has no problem covering your customers’ sites. Unlike traditional Mesh-based systems, the RF Expander architecture won’t degrade the battery life of detectors. This is because the detectors are not used in the Expander architecture to transfer signals from another detector; this is the job of the Expander. Not only will the RF Expander satisfy customers looking for wireless systems, it will also save you time and money because you won’t have to hardwire security systems in large buildings.


More and more alarm-users are demanding wireless security systems, meaning you must have the expertise and equipment needed to provide the service. Our RF wireless security devices come with exceptional range and a strong reputation for being reliable. If you work on large sites, our RF Expander is the ideal choice to extend the range of your wireless systems. The RF Expander is very quick to install and makes a huge difference to the range of the wireless system, meaning you won’t have to spend hours trying to hardwire security systems. If you’d like to learn more about our wireless devices or our RF Expander, please contact us.