3 Reasons Why your Customers will really like our Alarm User App

As the security industry continues to evolve and innovative products emerge, customers are looking for more from their security systems. For many modern customers, simply having a security alarm system isn’t enough anymore. Customers want to be able to monitor their property and control their security system using an app on their phone too. To help you provide your customers with complete peace of mind that their properties are safe, we developed our Alarm User App. Your customers will benefit from our app that’s designed specifically for them, with several handy features built-in that enable a greater level of control and functionality.

1.     Ease of Use

Our Alarm User App is the perfect platform for your customers to manage their security systems with ease. Rest assured, you won’t receive calls from confused customers that need support using the app. Developed in-house, our Alarm User App was thoroughly tested prior to its launch to ensure it's easy to use. This testing phase was a great success and the HKC App is now relied on by end users all over Ireland and the UK, and we regularly receive positive feedback.

Available on Apple and Android devices, our Alarm User App is quick to download and easy to connect to a security system. After installing the app, all your customers will need to do to establish a connection is enter the same code that they use to operate their security alarm systems. Once one of your customers has entered their code, they will be able to control their security system and personalise their notifications based on the type of updates they require.

2.    User Alerts

Our Alarm User App provides the perfect platform for your customers to stay connected with their properties. For a high level of security, the app delivers alarm alerts, images and messages through both audible and text notifications. Additionally, our Alarm User App lets your customers find out things like who is at their property, if a child has arrived home at a given time, or what detector has activated. And, if you install one of our RF PIR cameras within a customer’s security system, real-time images can be sent to their smartphone, allowing them to check on their property whenever they need to. This feature makes the app ideal for customers that travel a lot or have valuable stock at their site.

3.    Excellent Connectivity

Due to our SecureComm cloud-based software, your customers will be able to remotely control the security system that you installed for them. No matter where they are, your customer can use the HKC App to arm and disarm their security system and receive images and alerts directly to their phone. The app can even be integrated with CCTV systems, allowing your customer to receive live streams in the event of an activation. And as an added bonus, if you’ve set up your customer’s security system to control other devices within their property such as the lights, garage door, heating or gates, these can be remotely controlled using our Alarm User App.

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Our approved installers regularly receive positive reviews from their customers regarding our Alarm User App and the level of connection it provides. The technical manager at Scutum, a leading international player in remote surveillance and security said “The HKC Phone App is very popular with our clients.” If you’d like to learn more about why our apps are so popular, click here to read some testimonials from professional installers. Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss our security systems or apps with a member of our friendly team, please contact us.