HKC’s range of wireless security devices

In a not-so-distant past, security systems were all hardwired in buildings, demanding an engineer to find ways to run wiring through properties to connect security devices. Times have since progressed and wireless security devices are highly popular due to their flexibility and simple installation. At HKC, we’ve developed a range of high-quality wireless security devices including, intrusion, life safety, communicators and sounders. Designed with simplicity in mind, these devices provide a range of benefits to installers and end-users.

The benefits of HKC’s wireless devices

Easy Installation

Wireless devices are simple and quick to install because they do not require an engineer to wire to the end devices.   These devices can be surface mounted and set up in a matter of minutes. Connected to a main control panel via radio signals, wireless devices can be placed anywhere within a property without needing to drill holes to install and hide unsightly wires. Not only are they easy to install, but wireless systems are also easier to add to, making them highly popular with installers.

A Smart Choice For Home & Business Owners

Wireless security systems are particularly popular with both home and business owners. Our wireless systems are easy to install and because there are no cables to install the installation is hassle and fuss free taking less time than a traditional wired system.

Our RF Expander

One limitation of wireless security devices is that their range is reduced inside buildings because the wireless radio signals get obstructed by walls and other objects. As a result, installers are sometimes sceptical about using them in large commercial projects. However, hardwiring a security system in a large building with multiple floors is a time-consuming and complex job with high labour costs. To combat this, we created the RF Expander which has revolutionised the use of wireless systems in large buildings.

The RF Expander is a device that extends the reach of the wireless radio signals, allowing wireless devices to be used in large properties. Designed for situations where the signal strength is below the required level, the RF Expander transfers the signal from our RF end devices to the control panel. It allows wireless security devices to be installed in properties where they previously wouldn’t be effective, creating significant cost savings for installers who no longer need to hardwire security systems in large buildings. The RF Expander can be connected wirelessly, saving the installer time and money. When working wirelessly, the RF Expander does not degrade the battery life of the end-devices on the site.

Superior Battery Life

Many wireless security systems suffer from battery issues which result in dissatisfied end-users, multiple installer callbacks, and lost profit margins. The last thing customers want is for their wireless security devices to become problematic due to battery issues. To combat this, our devices are designed with excellent battery management to ensure that batteries last much longer than the industry average.


Often less expensive than wired security systems, wireless devices are easier to install, relocate, and upgrade. To provide the highest level of security and compatibility, our wire-free security devices offer wireless connectivity to other devices like gates, lights, heating, and several leading CCTV manufacturers, which can be controlled using our multi-functional App. Due to our RF Expander, larger building can now be secured using wireless devices, making HKC a smart choice for individual home owners to small, medium, and large commercial properties