New range of RF Miniature Shock Sensors with Contact

We know that your customers’ homes are their pride and joy; their sanctuary and the place they should feel safest. That’s why we’re committed to improving our security devices and making properties safer. With that in mind, we’re proud to introduce our new RF miniature shock sensor with contact. This new device is incredibly low profile and armed with high-end security technology that your customers’ properties will benefit from.

Pre-warning of attempted break-in

We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s better to find out that someone is trying to break in than to find out that they already have. That’s why our new RF miniature device is equipped with market leading shock sensing technology using a high-performance ultra-low-power 3-axis accelerometer.  When positioned on perimeter doors and windows, these sensors can detect forced entry, attempted entry and even window/door tampering, providing the end-user with complete peace of mind that their property is protected.

The new miniature devices, like existing inertia sensors, have settings for both Gross Attack and Pulse Count.  The Gross Attack setting is designed to detect a window or door being smashed open, the alarm will sound to alert the end-user and deter intruders from breaking in. But we believe your customers deserve more. To provide further protection, our Pulse Count is designed to detect when someone is trying to pry open a window or door and sounds the alarm, scaring them off before they’ve successfully forced open the window or door. The sensor can be mounted vertically or horizontally without having to adjust any mechanical element of the sensor, thus making installation quicker and easier.

Low profile

We wouldn’t use the word miniature if it wasn’t justified. Our new miniature shock sensor & contact are one of the smallest security devices we’ve produced and are available in three colours, white, brown, and grey.  Designed to be unintrusive, their dimensions are 64mm x 28mm x 9mm. Once they’re installed, your customers will quickly forget that these clever little devices are keeping their properties safe because they’ll barely notice them. Coming in three discreet colours, their low-profile design makes the new miniatures ideal for domestic settings, and what’s more, they’re compatible with legacy HKC RF systems.

Over 3 years battery life

The last thing your customers want is security devices that may stop working because the battery life is poor. Selecting the right devices is an important decision you must make because a lot of wireless security devices suffer from battery issues. What does that mean for you? Dissatisfied customers, frequent installer call-backs, and reduced profit margins. Thankfully, our miniature contact & shock sensors are designed to get the most out of a battery and only need a minute amount of power to function. As a result, batteries in these devices can easily last for at least 3 years, providing you and your customers with peace of mind.


At HKC, we love to create innovative security devices and systems that are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, and our new RF miniature contacts were designed with this philosophy in mind. Featuring a sleek profile and improved wireless range, the RF miniature contacts are small but highly effective in preventing burglars thanks to HKC’s market leading shock sensing technology.

The benefits of our new miniature contacts:
•    Provides warning of attempted break-ins.
•    Compatible with legacy HKC RF systems
•    Over 3 years battery life
•    Low profile design
•    Great range
•    Available in three colours: white, brown, and grey

If you’d like to learn more about our new miniature contacts, please contact us.