SecureComm and the HKC App

Control a HKC Intruder alarm system from any location using SecureComm with the HKC App.  

Connected World

The HKC App and SecureComm Cloud have changed how alarm owners manage and monitor their security systems today. The App gives peace of mind and complete control from any location.

The App is available for Apple & Android smart phones and can be downloaded from the relevant App Store.

It is extremely easy to use and allows alarm users carry out multiple functions from any location including setting, un-setting, checking log activity as well as receiving alarms and alerts.

An alarm or alert is transmitted to the smartphone both audibly and as a text notification. The message will indicate the sensor that triggered the alarm and the time of the alarm. The alarm owner can use the App to re-set the alarm in the even it is a false alarm or alternatively carry out the necessary response.

If the system is configured with wired outputs the App can be used to turn on lights or central heating.