At RG, our business is based on the best possible customer service experience, for us to achieve that we must give our customers the best quality and reliability of product. That is where HKC come into their own! The reliability is key for us as we have clients all over the UK therefore, we must make sure that product faults/failures are not an issue for our clients.

HKC have a solution for every situation which is vital to us as a growing business and to cope with our diverse client demands. We love the hybrid effectiveness of the products and a good example of this the RF RKP having the exact same functionality as the wired version making things very easy and straightforward for our customers to use, which is not available on other manufactured products.

We are delighted with the support we receive from everyone at HKC – You guys are fantastic.

Ryan (Managing Director)
RG Fire & Security

Prism Security

I have now been using HKC intruder alarms for six years and I have to say that it is by far the most reliable and using friendly alarm on the market. We now have many clients connected to their SecureComm platform and we never have a single complaint about the performance of their App. To add to that they have amazing PC based software that gives me the ability solve many issues remotely without the need for site visits. The tech support is great, and our local rep Paul cannot do enough for us. I honestly cannot fault my experiences with the company and look forward to working with them in the future and look forward to their continued newly released products.

Chris Boyd
Managing Director


We use HKC as they provide a modern innovative product, which will hopefully continue to meet our needs over the coming years.
The HKC systems are especially good for the domestic and SME market due to the very reliable and aesthetically pleasing wire free detectors, allowing for quick and easy installations with minimum fuss but with maximum results. The HKC Phone App is very popular with our clients.

We chose HCK for many reasons: the product is of good quality; and incorporates new technologies along with new thinking. The phone APP is very good and easily accessed, not to mention all HKC staff are extremely helpful.

Vince Martin
Technical Manager

Scutum Group

We have been using HKC wireless product for over three years, it has proven to be the most reliable wireless product that we have used to date.

When we have had the need to contact Technical Support the response has been efficient, friendly, and effective, never having to wait more than a few minutes even during peak periods.

HKC have enabled us to remain competitive in modern intruder market.

Andy Jenkins
Technical Manager

Prism Security

We have recently installed our first HKC Wireless system at a dental practice in Norwich, to be honest I was slightly nervous as we had not installed HKC before, but with the care and support of Andy the installation was a breeze.

What impressed me was the range of the wireless, the site is well over 200m plus in length and the control panel is at the front of the site.  We installed a Wireless Expander halfway and all detection connected and worked first time.
Having experienced many different wireless systems from different manufactures this was a little bit of a shock having such a stable wireless system after many issues with other companies.
We added the apps to the client’s phones and away we went system has now been functioning a few months and we have not had one issue very pleased.

We will be looking to add more HKC to or portfolio soon.

Dean Kemp
Solar CCTV Solutions

Solar CCTV Solutions

I first started using HKC back in 2014 when I made the decision to start my own company, I was very impressed with the HKC products at the time especially the SW 10270 Hybrid panel and the wire free detectors & devices.

We have grown since then and now have 4 vans on the road.  The engineers agree it’s all good equipment and found it to be easy to get in to the swing of things they also mentioned how good the wire free range  / steady signal strength of the RF detectors , just all very impressed with the quality of the products.  You can also tell that people with good site / install experience has had a lot of input into the design of the equipment, silly little things like the raisin coated PCB`s , 90 percent of the RF devices all use the same battery which is good when trying to keep all the vans stocked.  The test wand for the RF devices is also great.

One of the many things I really like is the quality of the HKC products and value for money when first starting on my own I tried a good few of cheaper kit systems but found the quality of the product was not there for me.  I wanted to focus on good quality at a good price not the cheapest but good overall value and I think this is where HKC excels.

We make good use of the SmartLink 700 software. During the annual service visits the maintenance team & I keep their products firmware up to date, another great feature which means the client / end user is never left with an old out of date control panel and with HKC launching new products year on year you can offer your existing customer base the latest technology from there range such as the RF PIR CAM and Micro Shock Contacts RF Entry Keypads and Relay Box, the list goes on.

From an end user point of view the system is easy to arm / disarm both at the keypad and app

We have used the app to help integrated few systems on to the system with the smart out puts for control or trigger of devices.

  • Gates

  • External lighting

  • Heating

  • Doors

  • CCTV

The list goes on I can honestly say that I have very little issues with any of the equipment and on the odd occasion of my brain not working their tech support team are great. A professional outfit top to bottom.  The new keypad design just proves HKC as a company want to go from strength to strength and improve what is already great product.

Scott Moncrieff
Managing Director


We have been recommending the HKC product to our customers for over a decade now. The product range is vast, and the overall build quality of the equipment is excellent. This gives us flexibility with the solutions we can offer whilst maximising security and safety. In our opinion, the HKC product reliability is unrivalled. It is our go to system for professional security solutions.

We regularly upgrade old legacy systems which give our customers’ ability to control and review their security legacy estate via app/cloud. App is easy to use, setup and the remote cloud software is excellent.

Our Case Study

An example of where we achieved success on a project with HKC equipment.

  • Old Hospital complex (5 buildings)
  • Location: Scotland
  • Our customer required protection of a large old hospital complex. We were able to install several large complex wireless systems across the site and protect the properties with Police and keyholder response. This project had over 200 wireless devices, 5 panels and multiple RF expanders and was installed in under 3 days. System is fully remotely configurable and controllable for the customer via end use app. No failures or issues 18 months installed.

About to do another campus of similar same size and scope. Normally these projects would take weeks we can do them in days.

Alistair Mcleman
Managing Director

Black Box

Our clients at a major hotel chain in Dublin approached us and asked is if we could secure their perimeter fire exit doors as they were having an issue whereby rooms were being entered during the change-over/cleaning process, flat screen tv’s were being stolen from the rooms and the perpetrators were exiting the hotel via the fire exits around the building.
We designed a security system utilising the HKC SecureWave 10270 Hybrid Security System along with their SecureComm Cloud Service. We installed a SecureWave 10270, a Keypad at the Reception, a GSM/Wifi Card which allows control & monitoring of the Security System via a Smartphone or Smart Devices or direct to a Monitoring Station. We also installed a number of HKC’s New Wireless RF Expanders around the ground floor of the hotel, we installed HKC RF Contacts on all Perimeter Emergency Fire Exit Doors.

All wire free, no cables, no mess and best of all no disturbance to hotel guests. These doors are now  monitored 24/7 and if opened will immediately alert Reception Staff and the Hotel Manager via their Smartphones and the Reception Keypad that a specific door has been opened by an unauthorised person/s. The Hotel are very satisfied & highly impressed with the HKC solution provided by A&E Services. They have not had a single incidence of a tv being stolen from a hotel room since it’s been installed.

Pat & Keith Lynch
Alarm & Electrical Services

A & E Services

We have been installing HKC alarm systems for over 20 years plus. Their products have proven to be reliable, functional, installer and user friendly. We find that when they launch new products, the technology is innovative and not released until vigorously tested. HKC are at the end of the phone when we need them, this is across all departments. They offer a high level of customer support and professionalism and have developed an excellent relationship with us.

Xtra Security install HKC alarms because we in turn can offer our customers up to date, well designed, dependable, efficient alarm systems that do not cost us time with unnecessary call backs."

Helen McGuinness

SafeGuide Security

Safeguide Security Ltd have been using HKC Security systems & devices since 2002. The ease of use of the product for our customers is most important. With a wide range of wireless devices available, our clients love the Securecomm Cloud App Service for controlling their systems & receiving notifications & or video verification to their smartphones. HKC is the most professional, aesthetically pleasing, and user friendly alarm system around.

HKC is highly recommended for peace of mind & security"

Stephen Guiden
Managing Director

SafeGuide Security

Established in 1967, for the last 50 years ASG Midlands have been providing first class security systems across the UK. They have been the first choice for companies such as Europa (Dartford), Edmundson Electrical (with 53 stores in London) and the British Car Museum.

Having now operated for almost half a century, ASG Midlands know quality when it comes to security systems, and that’s why they selected HKC as their first choice of security alarm system.

Having now used HKC products for over 15 years, Ray Craig of ASG Midlands cannot imagine using another alarm system other than HKC. Having now installed over two thousand HKC alarm systems, with zero faults reported on any, Ray has found that HKC products have more than proven that they are super reliable.

For a particular job, ASG Midland was required to install multiple alarm points across a very large property. The nature of property also meant that the walls were very thick, which meant the radio connection between each point was dramatically less in places due to the thickness of wall. HKC have fantastic radio repeaters which then relay the signal, making big jobs such as this project easy and far cheaper for the end user."

Ray Craig
Managing Director

ASG Alarms

I have been working in the Alarm Industry almost 30 years. We started using HKC products in the late 90’s and still use HKC today. Within 10 years we were using 80% of HKC equipment for Domestic and Commercial installations throughout the South east of Ireland. We choose HKC products because of the High quality parts, large range of devices, top quality technical support, New and innovated products, how installer friendly it is, and best of all my customers find it user friendly too. I would highly recommend HKC."

John Joyce
J&T Joyce Security Ltd

Joyce Security

Established in 1987 Midland Alarm Services Ltd have been providing security and safety to thousands of homes and businesses throughout the UK.

For 30 years their highly trained team have delivered bespoke alarm solutions to both homes and businesses from design and upgrade to installation and maintenance, using a range of wireless electronic systems.

Due to the nature of their work, 60-70% being housing contracts that demand reliable, high quality alarms. Midland Alarm can only use the best alarms that are compliant with the National House Building Councils regulations. HKC is the only brand that ticked all the boxes.

Perfect for legacy system upgrades, HKC have proven to Steve Wyer, Director of Midland Alarm that they are the perfect alarm solution, catering from small properties to stately homes.

One particular client had HKC’s shock detectors installed on their new build property. Whilst on holiday, a burglary attempt was made via smashing the kitchen window. Not all shock detectors would have picked this up, but HKC’s system not only detected this and scared off the perpetrator, but also notified the client what was happening via the HKC App. If it wasn’t for HKC’s innovative shock detectors, the property may have been burgled."

Stephen Wyer
Managing Director

Midland Alarm Services

After supplying security services and burglar alarms with a collective industry experience of over 50 years, Prism Alarms know their stuff. After careful evaluation of each system and conducting extensive field trails, Prism Alarms chose to adopt the HKC range of Intruder Alarm Systems.

“We had also tested other ‘Hybrid’ and ‘wireless’ systems from other manufactures but consistently found that the HKC performed better overall, this is especially true when it comes to Wireless reliability, range and also battery life.”

According to Tim Keywood, operations director, the HKC range of products provides our clients a solution that is, simple to use, is reliable, offers the best technology and end user features while providing us with a solid platform to roll out across both domestic and commercial installations.

With the addition of the HKC cloud Prism Alarms are able to offer our customers remote support and servicing and we are able to introduce changes to their systems without the need to send an engineer to site each time. This gives the client additional benefits from receiving simple technical support and providing them with cost savings.

We have been impressed by the adaptability of the HKC product, fitting into both new and upgrade installations across residential, commercial and industrial applications. We have also found the HKC support team are quick to respond and assist when the need arises."

Tim Keywood
Operations Director

Prism Security

Alarm Security & McDonald Group Services have been using HKC equipment for over 20 years and have found their technical support second to none.

Both the Wireless HKC Quantum and the New HKC 10270 panels are designed with both the installation company and the end user in mind.

HKC equipment is fully tested long before it is launched into the marketplace which makes for a hassle-free installation and a long life span of their security systems.

This allows us at MCDG Security Ltd along with many other PSA Certified Alarm Companies to provide Our Valued Clients with the level of security they deserve.

HKC constantly strive to bring new products to the market and regularly provide us with software updates which we can download into our existing systems thus updating our Valued Clients older alarm panels.

The New HKC APPs are very user friendly and the feedback from our Clients is very positive.

If you want to invest in the right security system then it has to be a HKC System.

Best Regards from all at Alarm Security & McDonald Group Services Dalkey.