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A Brief History about HKC

HKC Ltd was founded over two decades ago to service the growing demand in Ireland for high quality, cost-effective electronic security products. HKC is committed to pursuing the very highest standards in every aspect of its business.

Our Products

  • Control Panels

    HKC provide wired, wireless and hybrid control panels which conform to 
    EN 50131.  The SecureWave range includes the versatile SW 1070 hybrid 
    panel with 70 on board wireless / wired zones and the Quantum 70 wireless
    panel complete with on board digital communicator, keypad, and 70 zones. 
  • Intrusion Detectors

    A wide range of wired & wireless detectors are available including Quad Motion Sensors, Contacts and Inertia Shock detectors.  
  • Sounders & Decoys

    HKC provide wired & wireless internal & external sirens in addition to decoys. A lid screening service is provided for external sirens.
  • Expanders

    Expanders are available to extend the number of zones available in both wired and hybrid panels.  
  • Keypads

    Both Wired & Wireless keypads are available for our all our control panels. Keypads have an extensive on board voice library with backlite LCD displays.   
  • Auxilliary Equipment

    Includes a range test kit – ideal for site survey and maintenance and a wireless repeater for extending the RF range on a system. 

We at Sapphire Security Limited have been Installing HKC equipment since the early days of production. We have found that the HKC Systems are the most Installer & User friendly systems available on the market.

Sapphire Security

Benefits for Installers

  • Equipment Quality: Top Grade Plastics and Resin sealed electronics
  • Equipment that is Easy to Use
  • Programming menus are similar for all control panels
  • A wide range of both wired and wired free detectors
  • Upload / Download software
  • Professional RF Test Wand
  • All RF Devices managed remotely by the panel
  • Access to HKC Technical Support
  • Free Training

Benefits for End Users

  • HKC equipment is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. 
  • Extensive Voice Library on our panels & keypads means you hear exactly what you need to know from your security system
  • HKC provide a wide range of intruder and life safety devices including smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Our communicators can send alarm messages and alerts to nominated key-holders or a monitoring station 
  • User Alerts – receive alerts from users at home and at work

An ASSA ABLOY Group brand