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Distributors & Specifiers

A Brief History about HKC

HKC Ltd was founded over two decades ago to service the growing demand in Ireland for high quality, cost-effective electronic security products. HKC is committed to pursuing the very highest standards in every aspect of its business.

Our Products

  • Control Panels

    HKC provide wired, wireless and hybrid control panels which conform to 
    EN 50131.  The SecureWave range includes the versatile SW 1070 hybrid 
    panel with 70 on board wireless / wired zones and the Quantum 70 wireless
    panel complete with on board digital communicator, keypad, and 70 zones. 
  • Intrusion Detectors

    A wide range of wired & wireless detectors are available including Quad Motion Sensors, Contacts and Inertia Shock detectors.  
  • Sounders & Decoys

    HKC provide wired & wireless internal & external sirens in addition to decoys. A lid screening service is provided for external sirens.
  • Expanders

    Expanders are available to extend the number of zones available in both wired and hybrid panels.  
  • Keypads

    Both Wired & Wireless keypads are available for our all our control panels. Keypads have an extensive on board voice library with backlite LCD displays.   
  • Auxilliary Equipment

    Includes a range test kit – ideal for site survey and maintenance and a wireless repeater for extending the RF range on a system. 

Sure Alarms have been using HKC products for over 13 years. In that time we have found the HKC range of products to be highly innovative and very reliable with their technical support being second to none.

Sure Alarms

Benefits for Installers

  • Equipment Quality: Top Grade Plastics and Resin sealed electronics
  • Equipment that is Easy to Use
  • Programming menus are similar for all control panels
  • A wide range of both wired and wired free detectors
  • Upload / Download software
  • Professional RF Test Wand
  • All RF Devices managed remotely by the panel
  • Access to HKC Technical Support
  • Free Training

Benefits for End Users

  • HKC equipment is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. 
  • Extensive Voice Library on our panels & keypads means you hear exactly what you need to know from your security system
  • HKC provide a wide range of intruder and life safety devices including smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Our communicators can send alarm messages and alerts to nominated key-holders or a monitoring station 
  • User Alerts – receive alerts from users at home and at work

An ASSA ABLOY Group brand