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Professional installation engineers throughout Ireland and the UK who use our equipment find many benefits to help them with their clients’ security needs.

Ø  HKC electronic security equipment is designed for engineers by engineers. 

Ø  Our equipment is easy to install and easy to program. Programming is consistent across our range of alarm panels.  

Ø  Only top grade plastics are used combined with excellent designs to make our devices aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to install.

Ø  An extensive range of wired and wireless alarm detectors are available to ensure you can protect your customer the way you want whether using perimeter, trap or combined detection.

Ø  Our electronic boards are resin sealed to make them more resilient which improves the performance and longevity of the device.

Ø  A superb range of wireless Life Protection devices are on hand to offer protection from Smoke, Heat, and Carbon Monoxide. These devices have their own on-board standalone siren and when one device activates all life protection devices activate.

Ø  HKC equipment is easy to use, particularly with the benefit of voice prompt and extensive word library.

The Alarm System for Residential and Small to Medium Enterprises

HKC’s Quantum 70 control panel is designed with the Residential or Small Business user in mind.  On-board audio keypad makes operation of the systems easy.  An extensive voice library ensures accurate commands to the end user ensuring less false alarms and user error. The Q70 

Ø  Is self-contained; a control panel with an on-board keypad

Ø  Is suitable for protecting most residential and small commercial premises

Ø  Has up to 70 Wireless Zones with up to 32 Users available

Ø  Has an Aesthetically pleasing design

Ø  Has on-board internal siren

Ø  Has an on-board Digital Communicator with Text Messaging, Speech Dialler and Modem 

Ø  Has a Plug on GSM / GRPS Option

Ø  HKC APP & SecureComm compatible

Ø  Has on-board DSL Filter

Ø  Comprises an Extensive Voice Library

Ø  Is EN Grade 2 / BS 8243 / PD 6662 Compliant

Small to Medium Enterprises / Commercial Alarm Systems

The SW 1070 / 20140 control panel is designed for this market.  The basic SW 1070 comes complete with 10 on-board zones and ready for 70 wireless zones and can be expanded to 70 wired zones. 

Ø  True Hybrid Panel, suitable for protecting SME / Corporate premises

Ø  Up to 70 Wireless Zones available on SW 1070 and SW 20140 

Ø  Up to 70 Wired Zones available on SW 1070 and 140 Zones on the SW 20140 

Ø  SW 1070: 217 Outputs and 64 Users.  SW 20140: 231 Outputs & 64 Users

Ø  Aesthetically pleasing design

Ø  Digital Communicator with Text Messaging, Speech Dialler, and Modem

Ø  Has a Plug on GSM /GPRS Options

Ø  HKC APP & SecureComm compatible

Ø  Full Audio Zone Library

Ø  EN Grade 2 / BS 8243 / PD6662 Complaint

Equipment Quality

Ø  Top  Grade Plastics

Ø  Programming menus are similar for all control panels

Ø  Resin sealed electronics – more resilient = less equipment failure

Ø  PIR detectors are Quad with Pet Tolerant (12.5kg)

Equipment that is Easy to Use

Ø  Keypad Audio - Voice notification of each zone i.e. ‘Alarm Kitchen Side Door’.

Ø  Keypad Audio – Voice notification of system faults as mains and telephone failures.

Ø  Keypad Audio – voice notification of system arming / unset

2 Way Radio

Ø  No Sleep Time

Ø  Easy Walk Test

Ø  Battery Life = Up to 3 Years

Ø  Professional RF Test Wand

Ø  RF PIR = Quad with Pet Tolerant Lens

Ø  RF PIR Camera compatible with HKC App and SecureCom

Ø  All RF Devices managed remotely by the panel

Life Protection Devices

Ø  Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Detectors (voice annunciation)

Ø  All detectors have on-board sirens

Ø  One activates all – Detectors are linked together via RF

An ASSA ABLOY Group brand