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Security System Communicators

DTV (Plug on) Dialler

DTV: Dialler with Text & Voice

Digital Communicator (4/8 Ch)

Digital Communicator is a plug on communicator for the HKC SecureWatch range of panels (SW 812 / SW 1212 / SW 16120). It reports up to 8 channels Fast Format and can be programmed via the remote keypad or panel

LAN Card

LAN Card: SecureComm Communicator over IP

GSM-Q ( Plug on)

The latest development in HKC's communicator portfolio the GSM-Q with GPRS is a plug on communicator for the SecureWave range of panels (Quantum 70, SW 1070, and SW 20140). One of its many features includes voice messaging. The unit has GPRS jam detection and supports upload...


WiFi Card: SecureComm Communicator over IP

GSM-SC (Plug on)

Plug-on GSM Unit with GSM/GPRS World SIM for use with SecureComm


SecureComm enabled GSM unit for SecureWatch panels 

Software compatibility is as follows:

  • SW-812 V7.32 (i.e. around Jan. 2006) or later
  • SW-1212 V7.32 (i.e. around Jan. 2006) or later
  • SW-16120 V2.0 (i.e. around Sep. 2006) or...
GSM-WiFi (Plug on)

The GSM-WiFi unit offers dual-path connectivity via SecureComm (our cloud based solution).


SecureComm provides a heartbeat (polled) connection to the GSM-WiFi which will signal a loss of communication in the event of an interruption in both paths.* All...

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